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    Damn sexy..

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  3. Goosebumps and feelings

    I want someone to give me goosebumps. Not like the rough bopples on your arms when your cold, excited or scared. Proper goosebumps that stay. And if they go, it’s weird. I don’t want sex and love. I want romance and fucking oddity; for someone to only have to run their fingers through my hair to get a giggle. I just want an insanely weird human to make me question why I thought I was better on my own. Id like to strip down to the bare minimum but fall asleep with our legs interwound with each other. Have everyone talk about us because they think it’s weird that we don’t kiss in public to get our kicks, we buy sugary donuts and smear it across each other’s faces, only so we can go home and get naked because were sticky. The most perfect person would be someone who’s not the average boyfriend. Infact he doesn’t need to by my boyfriend, just make me insanely crazy about you to the point where you drive me completely mad. We need adrenalin and fire not cuddles and paragraphs. I just fancy someone to like me for taking off my knickers on my way home because I kept getting a wedgy and like me for breaking a chair because I sat on it, not for anything else.

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    ♡ // only you give me these chills \ ♡

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    omg i luv

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